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25th-Apr-2018 12:33 pm
[Friends Only]

Friends only journal. If somehow I've missed adding you, or you actually want to be added, do leave a comment so I know :)
31st-Jul-2004 11:15 pm
hey stephen,

this entry is visable, only if you look through the archives for your journal.
1st-Dec-2004 04:07 am
13th-Jan-2005 02:30 pm
After reading Rose's LJ I just had to stop by and say Happy birthday! (I hope this isn't an inappropriate place to put it.)

btw.. I'm impressed that you got an LJ as far back as in 1970.. Can I borrow your timemachine? XD
16th-Feb-2005 12:17 am - Yip?
Do I get to be a friend? This is Krys btw.. if name isnt obvious enough!
21st-Feb-2005 02:34 am
yay! i get to stay a quoll friend!
18th-May-2005 11:08 pm
Heyyyyy, you never added me! T_T Meanie. ;)

I was -wondering- why it seemed like you never updated this thing. *sheepish grin*
23rd-May-2005 06:26 am
*baaaaa* :D
16th-Jul-2005 10:04 am
Add me? It's Tania. o_o/
28th-Jul-2005 09:46 pm
Dude. You STILL haven't added me back. *amused* I'm on your friend-of list, not your friends list. Oyy.
13th-Oct-2005 12:59 pm
I wish to be added, if you did not mind. I am a friendly US fur, and one of rose's posts sent me to your journal to read sumpthin...

you seem nice and worth reading about, so if you chose to add me I would be appriciative!
2nd-Dec-2005 12:08 pm
i wish to be added please :)

friend of roses and was pointed here :)
16th-Jan-2006 11:40 pm
Hallo Thar =D
you need to add me *makes you do it with her incredible ninja powahs*
we rarley talk, must talk more.
if you are confused as to who i am your memory is as bas as mine =P
30th-Aug-2006 06:28 am
I am an American friend of Rose of sorts. I'm the stripper. o.o Usually people know me as that.
10th-Jul-2007 04:00 am
poke :)
14th-Jan-2008 06:52 am
ooh can i be added? huh can i huh? pleeeeeeease? i will temp you with chocolate and bat bottoms! (ssithl's) :)
16th-Jun-2008 11:19 am
Well you asked me to make a friend request.
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